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#88 UPS 2001 Ford Taurus! | #8 2000 Olympic Monty Carlo! | #44 50th Anniversary Pontiac! | #2 2000 Harley Davidson Taurus! | #3 Oreo Monte Carlo! | #28 Pro Finish 2000!
From the Bench!

Welcome to my modeling work bench!

At the right are 3 pictures of what I will call my model building, and model video picture editing areas. This is also my model display area and my bedroom! Actually it's more like a zoo right now! :~)

Anyway... This page will contain pictures of my Nascar models currently under construction! The first of which is the 2001 #3 Oreo Monte Carlo driven in the Bud Shootout in February at Daytona by the late Dale Earnhardt!

*NEW* UPDATED!!! #3 Oreo!!!
New pics of painted and decalled (3Amigos) body!

Added 10-01-2001
#28 assembled chassis and rollcage with exhaust details and also a pic of the body interior with painting details!

Added 9-28-2001
#28 Driver Figure and chassis/rollcage assemblies!

As of 9-2-2001:
Oreo page has been updated!
There are now pics of the chassis!

Be sure to check back often as I will be adding new pictures as I get into more models! Soon to come are the following:

#8 2000 Olympic *NEW* UPDATED!!!
Now with JWTBM decals!!!

#88 2001 UPS *NEW* UPDATED!!!
Now with decals applied!

#2 2000 Harley Davidson *NEW* UPDATED!!!
Now with decals applied!

#44 Hot Wheels PE 50th anniversary *NEW*
UPDATED!!! Now with decals applied!

Click on the links at the top of the page to see what's new on the bench!

My home modeling and model picture taking center!